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  1. Print Screen Festival
    June 2017
    Print Screen Festival
    June 24th 18:30: PrintScreen Digital Arts and Culture Festival, Israel.
  2. Hangar.Org: Membrana_2
    May 2017
    Hangar.Org: Membrana_2
    Project for Membrana_2 residency program at, Barcelona. sneak preview: SU Festival – Bulgaria, April 24th. official launch: May 9th and CCC convention Karlsruhe, May 25th.
  3. O U T S I D E - launch party
    April 2017
    O U T S I D E - launch party
    May 5th, Topics Bookshop, Berlin: launch of the long anticipated project which includes lettering work by Moses as well his short contribution titled SOLID, in collaboration with cyberpunk pioneer John Shirley.
McFly McFly
animated panel discussion​
McFly McFly
animated panel discussion​
comics anthology 
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graphic novel, 120 pages, color 
Published in Germany, in German, 2010, by Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V. both as eBook and print, including soundtrack CD “The Scene Ain’t What It Used To Be”

ISBN 978-3-940213-55-6

SUBZ — biographies from an Israeli suburb

graphic novel, 135 pages, color 
Published in Germany, in German, 2011, by Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V. both as eBook and print.

ISBN 978-3-940213-65-5

In Defence of the Academic Troll 
a word on the new heroes of “Infotainment”

essay, ca 2700 words + images
first publication: Bulletin #7, Droste Effect Art Magazine, London/Milan/NY, Jan 2017. second publication: IsThisIt Magazine no.1, in print, UK, April 2017.


Excerpt from
Metropolis - Atelier​

Horst Brandenburg

Airing date: 9.3.14
Channel: ARTE

Gabriel S Moses, 1982, Jerusalem, is a Berlin based media artist with a Masters degree (UdK Berlin) and a millennial complex. In other words: he knows how to lie about why he lied about what ur kids are saying about u behind ur backs on the smartphone u bought them. He is also a graphic novelist. In other words: he's into very serious comics for very serious people. ​ His graphic novels Spunk (2010) and SUBZ - Biographies From an Israeli Suburb (2011) were published in Germany. He has also showcased works in various media in Transmediale (Berlin), Lenbachhaus (Munich) and FILE (Sao Paulo). In 2014 his project Enhancement won 1st prize at the conference ‘The Anthropocene Project. A report’ at HKW, Berlin.